Charming Shabby Chic Style Home Renovated From an Old Mill

shabby chic home designThis beautiful shabby chic style home is actually a former old mill. Seen on Delikatessen, stone and wood give this place an attractive traditional feel. The interior design also features some contemporary furniture pieces which are nicely combined with vintage details, creating very charming shabby chic decor. All public areas are decorated in soft tones of white and beige, creating warmth and an overall friendly feel. The living room is very cozy and it’s hard not to notice the pillows on the floor as well as the soothing wooden chair shaped like a traditional bird cage.

We particularly like the strong character of the bedroom, due to the sober brick walls and color palette.

Unique Peaceful House Displaying Great Taste and Warmth

house partially recycled partsThe exquisite Distort House is located south of Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed by TWS & Partners with principal in charge Tonny W Suriadjaja and structural engineers Purwa, this home is a remarkable display of taste and warmth.

Why is it called Distort House? Here is a short concept details from the architects: “Twisting out something from the usual line is taken in order to create different perception or to enhance some more quality. This happens to a house that we name it the Distort House. It is located south of Jakarta which is still dominated by lush, tropical village forest in the neighborhood. In front of the site itself lays a public park with some old large tropical trees. “. Aside from having a wonderful appearance, the residence also has some sustainable features. The materials used are partially recycled (reused steel bars, recycled wood plank for the wooden ceilings).

Elegant Masculine Industrial-Style Bachelor Pad in Sao Paulo

elegant masculine bachelor padThis elegant bachelor pad in Sao Paulo, Brazil is an industrial-style loft designed by Diego Revollo. The Brazilian designer was asked by the young single lawyer to represent the his personality by providing an open, elegant and modern Industrial Loft. The design is based on a non-traditional masculine style, where classy dark hues meet comfy displays of subtle luxury.

The 100 square meters loft has a sense of space achieved by using burned cement bricks to compose a space that climbs up to the ceiling and continues to be shaped along the mezzanine walls. This cement display was coated with a special waterproof resin.

Living spaces downstairs are composed of a high-ceiling living space shined with light from a glass wall to the kitchen and the open dining space. The stairs lead to the mezzanine, where this semi-private space displays a forthright combination of bedroom, bathroom and closet. This was the ideal solution to enlarging the area and suggest a completion of the downstairs living space.

Beautiful Transparent Glass House in Bruges Surrounded by a Lush Forest

transparent glass houseThis beautiful modern home located in Bruges, Belgium exhibits a high degree of transparency while dealing with the small amount of natural lighting that comes from living in an area surrounded by forest trees. Designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten, a single rectangular volume resembling a large transparent box was skillfully designed inside and out, in order to meet the living atmosphere that is expected. A 50m long wall functions as a backdrop for the transparent volume ensures a good level of privacy.

The use of split levels makes clear of the overall low height of the residence, with the objective of minimizing its effect on the environment. The kitchen, dining and living room are located on the full-height bottom level. Positioned one above the other, the bedroom section of the children area and the master bedroom inspire coziness and tranquillity. [Photography by Tim Van De Velde]

Minimalist Style Penthouse in Stockholm with Outstanding City Views

minimalist penthouse stockholmCharacterized by the abundance of space, natural light and six rooms, this penthouse found on Skeppsholmen is filled with exciting modern details. With a total surface of 175 square meters (including the two terraces), the apartment features an open living and dining room, with inclined walls toting up a special artistic effect. A very modern fireplace, seating units and a large dining table set the mood for socializing.

The color palette suits the minimalist style very well: white, black and hints of gray gracefully blend with the subtle hue of the floors. All the four bedrooms have large windows, with outstanding city views and are characterized by an overall cozy ambiance.

Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Windows

Your windows are the source of most of the heat/cold loss in your home. While upgrading all of them at once is extremely expensive I propose only upgrading one window per year.

The reason is cost beneficial for you. For example, if you live in a home with single pane or old windows replacing 1 a year can save you 3 – 5% of your heating costs (which works out to $30 – $50 / year).

There are other ways to save energy in your home that will save you more so keep that in mind when making the decision to upgrade your windows. For affordable windows check out cheap windows columbus.

Here’s the different aspects of windows that you need to know in order to educate yourself about energy efficient windows.

How To Properly Clean A Hardwood Floor

Every hardwood floor is different and it is up to the owner to experiment with different hardwood floor cleaners to find which one works best for their floor. Always make sure to use a cleaner that is specially made for hard wood floors. If you are the make-it-yourself type you can create homemade hardwood floor cleaner using rubbing alcohol, water, and lemon juice.

To clean a hardwood floor start by removing all the larger debris first and then began to use finer methods of cleaning. It is good to use a non abrasive cloth to clean hardwood floors because some cloths are coarse enough to actually leave little scratches in the wood. Always remember to wipe the floor going with the direction of the wood grain. This allows the cleaner to working deeper into the pores of the wood and removes the small particles that may be trapped within.

Tips for Getting Clean Carpets

When it comes to deciding on what type of flooring you’re going to use there are numerous factors that come into play and there is no real best answer because everyone’s home or office is different and has different necessities. Some of the main options are tiles, hardwood, and carpet and many people choose one of these.

People who choose carpet for their flooring generally like the comfort in addition to its aesthetic considerations. If you have chosen carpet as flooring in your home or office then you also probably find it to be comfortable to walk around on.

But the thing about carpet is the fact that it can be a bit difficult to maintain it either to prevent it from getting dirty or to clean it up once it gets dirty. There are a few different ways to go about getting it clean if you want to put in the effort.

Some Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Without proper care and attention, carpets will lose their real shine and worth. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpets at least once a week. This is important because it will not allow and permit the dust and dirt particles to get entangled and stick up in the carpet. One thing should be kept in mind that an individual should make use of crevice tools after few weeks. This will help them to extract out the dust particles from the inner side. This tip will surely work for you sooner or later.

Another useful tip is that you can also make use of baking soda in your vacuum. This will help you to remove and eradicate any kind of odor. This is quite and rather good. In case of emergency, like when the condition of carpet gets dreadful, then there is a need to consult some expert or a manufacturer. This is the only way to get rid from this annoyance.

Air Conditioning And The Need For Maintenance

To keep your AC fit and fine at all times and to make it perform at its best, air conditioning maintenance is necessary. The need for maintenance can be for many reasons. This proper operation of an AC is totally dependent upon its condition. To keep an AC’s condition at its best, proper maintenance is necessary. Most AC problems can be avoided from happening by performing regular maintenance and troubleshooting. If not, you can take the help of any residential air conditioning service provider. If AC maintenance is not done on time, a lot of problems can arise. Here are some maintenance tips you can perform to avoid problems from building up in your AC.

Once you installed the AC, make sure that you maintain it regularly. Clogged air filters is one reason which causes the fall in efficiency of air conditioners. This can be avoided by regularly cleaning your air filters or replacing them often.

Another part of air conditioning maintenance is to regularly clean the coils (condenser coil and evaporator coil). These two coils are situated in the condensing unit and the evaporator unit respectively. The former being situated outside the house (in case of split AC) needs to be cleaned regularly while the later being located inside needs less cleaning. To clean the condensing coil, you need to open the casing of the condensing unit clean the coils situated inside with the help of mild cleansing agent. At the same time you can clean the air vents, correct the fan blades if there’s any bent. Similarly you can clean the evaporator coil which you can do it one or twice a year.

Low refrigerant level can also cause heated condenser. If your AC is low on refrigerant level, you can take the help of professionals such as Air Conditioning Service Denver to help you with your AC recharging. Maintenance is indeed necessary for your AC to deliver you maximum satisfactory.

Choosing the Right Wood Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home is important. Opting for hardwood flooring is very convenient since it requires less maintenance than carpeting. Engineered wood floors are a type of floors made with real wood. It’s actually a combined form of layers of finished wood and unfinished plywood underneath. The middle layer is also covered in high quality plywood so there is greater durability and high graded competency.

Wood floors are really attractive and can bring out the elegance in a room.

Luxury Style With Wood Flooring

Wood is an ideal material to use for flooring because of its elasticity. There are two types of wooden floors: solid hardwood floors and pre-finished engineered wood floors. Wooden floors are obtainable in all price ranges varying from very expensive to affordable. Engineered wood floors are made by combining plywood with hardwood to obtain stability and durability.

Wood experts claim that if installed properly, a wooden floor can last for a really long time.

Cost Effective Flooring For Your Home

Laminate flooring can be matched to just about anything in your home. If you have a great wood trim throughout your home, you can find laminate flooring that is going to match that color. Laminate flooring colors and shades of colors are going to vary from store to store, and from brand to brand.

If you love the look and feel of wood, you should consider laminate flooring, which is cheaper than real wood flooring, and will endure many problems at home.

4 Flooring Choices For Your Home

Here are four flooring choices for you to install at home. There are a lot more but here are a few of them:

Solid Hardwood Flooring is very durable. This makes it the perfect choice for open floor plans. It’s also warmer on your bare feet and easier on your back than tile flooring. It isn’t recommended for high-moisture areas like the kitchen or bathrooms unless the hardwood has been sealed.

Engineered Wood Flooring is a great alternative to using solid hardwoods. Constructed in a cross-grain fashion, this flooring is even stronger than solid pieces of wood. It’s a much better choice for kitchen remodeling and it’s more suitable for bathroom flooring, too. You can even consider this flooring option below grade (basement level). It can be installed directly on concrete without a sub-floor.

Bamboo Flooring is really popular in this Eco-friendly era. It costs more than hardwood flooring but it’s much more durable. It’s okay for kitchens and bathrooms when sealed. Laminate Flooring is the most economical option when you want a traditional look. It’s a good choice for high-moisture areas.

Marble Flooring gives unique results with variations in color and pattern. Marble can be polished to a high-gloss finish. Use floor mats for kitchens and bathrooms; marble is awfully slippery when wet. When deciding your flooring needs, check out this Columbus Ohio kitchen remodeling.

Cowhide Rugs Make Striking and Unique Rugs for Your Floors

Cowhide RugYour home’s decor is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Selecting area rugs that capture the beauty of nature while offering impressive durability show that you are both classy and smart.

Small Abstract-Style House in Tokyo That Breaks Design Rules

abstract tokyo houseThis house is a great example of how you can use a small piece of land to build a really fascinating piece of architecture. The project called “Reflection of Mineral”, belongs to a Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashi from Atelier Tekuto. Located not far from the heart of Tokyo, the contemporary 480 sq ft (44 sq m) residence arguably breaks architecture rules.

The astounding abstract shape was designed very efficiently, making use of the little space. Every angle of site brings with it a different view. The interior’s original shapes and dimensions are determined by the exterior and the planning had to be done accordingly. Just check out the pictures below yourself.

Unusual Black Box-Shaped House in Tokyo with Reflective Exterior

unusual japanese houseHansha Reflection House is an architecture project in Tokyo, designed and implemented by Studio SKLIM. The residence is located at the entrance of a park and built with the intention of benefiting from the park’s healthy environment.

With an exterior that reflects the nearby landscape, the name of the house comes as no surprise. The outer form also reflects the inner structure: “The programmatic zones of Public, Service and Private spatially organized the house into three different zones with further punctuation of the main massing with the Landscape element; providing spaces for the courtyard and roof deck. This base form was further chiseled with structure, daylight/ventilation and perspective concerns”.

The interiors are minimalist, well-ventilated and spacious, paying tribute to functionality. Overlooking the park, the living room, kitchen and dining room are united into a single space which also acts as the heart of the project.

Nature Inspired House in a Bali Village Overlooking Rice Paddy Fields

kayu aga house baliThe Kayu Aga House was designed by Indonesian architect Yoka Sara so that the owner can live and enjoy the tranquil Balinese life. Located in a village called Canggu, Bali, idyllic surroundings make the location of this outstanding home suitable in connecting to the basic life, but gives the inhabitants the comfort of living in a contemporary dwelling.

This house was designed for an Italian businessman named Alberto Agazzi. It is shaped as a four cornered structure, with three orthogonal sleeping pavilions – each with private garden courts and outdoor bathrooms – and a carport determining the floor plan. Living and dining spaces are secluded in the central two-story pavilion, above which an elevated studio and a roof garden seem to be hanging. A semi-circular terrace reached via a modern oval bamboo/metal staircase rests on top of the pond festooned with simple white columns.

Displaying an architecture in harmony with nature, the Kayu Aga House is formed out of a series of curved walls and positioned to the east of paddy fields and beautiful sunrises.

Artistic Modern House Resembling an Art Gallery in Meilen, Switzerland

art gallery houseHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in an art gallery or library? Bauart Architects took this idea further and developed the A+P House. The stacked up wooden volumes sculpturally shape up the exterior of the house, while glass piercings in the walls allow clear views over the town of Meilen in Switzerland.

Once you went inside, the gallery-like interiors take over: “A staircase that connects six levels from basement to roof terrace, has been designed as an open access library with galleries. For the clients, it’s all about books and texts, thus every room has a library use other than its original purpose. To further highlight the significance of books, the ceiling above the ‘book tower‘ has been covered with a layer of gold, as a reverence to historical paintings“.