18-304 Stainless Steel Drinking Water Bottles

18-304 Stainless Steel BottleDrinking water is becoming a precious commodity. There are a variety of pollutants which spoil naturally clean and healthy water making it dangerous and often toxic. As time passed, humans have found a way of cleaning water off all the techniques. Amongst all the different methods of cleaning water, filtering combined with boiling is the most fool proof way of ensuring cleanest and healthiest water. However, you need to store water in a container that is both toxin free and durable. You will find stainless steel water bottle the best chosen for this purpose. Not just 18-8 the latest among the stainless steel water bottles it is 18-304 stainless steel is being used for the best quality bottles.

What is so special about the 18-304 stainless steel water bottle?
18-304 is known to be a hardy and strong steel used for industrial purposes, ships as well as places where other metal would likely not stand the test. Simple 18/8 steel would rust at places where it is welded. Also the welding would leave space of leakages, thereby damaging the bottle and wasting your precious dollars.

The 18-304 does not rust in places where it is joint. Moreover, this hardy steel can help the bottle keep its shape where others dent and damage sooner. There is maybe simply one company that uses this type of steel for making water bottles. The ergonomics and the caps of the water bottle should be taken care of properly too.

How many companies currently provide with the 18-304 stainless steel bottles?
Not many, in fact there is only a single company that provides with the quality described above. However, these have proven exceptional favorites with people because they have been able to eliminate all the problems associated early with steel water bottles. Here are some more specialties:

Using cheap plastic or imperfect caps would really render the steel water bottle useless, since water leakages are something that need to be avoided very consciously. Accurate caps are the best way to add full functionality to the water bottle.

If a 18-304 stainless steel water bottle costs $29 or around it, it should only be expected that it looks good enough of use in front of the guests. Another, great thing would be that the bottle does not fade or start looking a weird shade of color you originally chose when it comes out of the dishwasher. It could be because of the steel quality that the latest ones turned out to be better than expected.

Why do you need to spend extra when you can get a thermo steel bottle. Manufacturers have taken care that the quality and the service exceeds your expectations, these bottles can store the liquid at the same temperature you want it to be up to 24 hours. So you want your soft drink cold or hot coffee really hot, it really is just the matter of choice.

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