Some Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

bathroom tile picture

Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile picture

Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile image

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile Idea Picture

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Every space in your bathroom can really be suitable for any types of tiling. Bathroom tile ideas applied can be compared to the application of good landscaping design to an empty land. You would realize by then that a very small tile can really do wonders in making your bath a lot more appealing in terms of appeal and theme. It could also allow you to implement your own personal touch.

The first thing to keep in mind while tiling a bathroom is to choose tiles that are resistant to moisture. You have several choices in this regard. You can choose ceramic tiles or glass tiles which have a super cool look or you can choose mosaic tiles. The choice depends on your taste and budget.

Bathroom Tile Idea Image

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Dark colored tiles can make an already small bathroom appear smaller. Good small bathroom tile ideas include using light colored tiles. That does not mean that you have to use only white tiles. Beige and pastel shades will also work fine. The advantage of light colored flooring is that it reflects light and makes the room appear spacious.

If you decide to use white tiles, you can add some color by incorporating colored tiles at random in between the white ones or you can use the colored tiles to make a border. This will keep your bathroom from looking dull. You can use colored tiles of a single color or several colors according to your imagination. Tiles with patterns can also be used in between plain colored tiles or as borders.

Mosaic tiles also make good flooring for small bathrooms. Mosaic tiles in several light colors or in a combination of light and bright colors can be used. Choose depending on the theme and overall decor of your bathroom.

Another important aspect of tiling small bathrooms is tiling the shower or bath area differently. The tiles in the shower area should match the tiles in the rest of the bathroom. The tiles in the shower area can be of a different color or pattern from that of the rest of the bathroom. Otherwise you can use the same tiles but lay them out in a different arrangement. The idea is to demarcate the bath area without being too obvious.

For your shower walls and flooring, you can settle for those tiles which have water or wave patterns or maybe a blue or clear glass that could copy the colors of a pool. The walls around your tub or Jacuzzi should also be perfectly tiled with an inviting design. This is the area where you would spend a lot of time resting and relaxing, and hence it could help a lot if you would implement some nature inspired tiles or picture mosaics of your family.

bathroom tile design picture

Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom tile design ideas for the flooring must be more neutral than then rest and it should blend well with the earthy tones. Some even settle for the minimalistic appeal of the black and white tiles as if making it look like a giant, modern checkerboard.

You can also add some tiles in the areas where you dress up and this goes the same for the waterproof areas right around the toilets and the sinks. The most classic style to apply to this is the wainscot that would allow you to even add your own decorations on the wall’s top portion.

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