Bathtubs For The Elderly – How To Make Bathing Safe

If you are elderly or a person with disabilities then you know that getting in and out if the bathtub is a risky proposition. Slippery floors plus being off balance can equal a nasty fall. There are things that you can do to alleviate this risk, and that is to install one of the bathtubs for elderly models.

The primary features of bathtubs for elderly is that they have a water tight seal in the side. They also offer a seat inside the tub. All you have to do is open the door and get into the tub. Once there you can sit down, and you are able to enjoy a nice bath and be safe and comfortable while doing it. These tubs are offered with right or left opening doors, so they can fit into an already existing bathroom with little or no problem. Another feature of these tubs is that you can also add in whirlpool jets so you can also turn that nice hot bath into a therapeutic bath.

Another plus for bathtubs for elderly is that they are fairly easy to install. In most cases they are just a fiberglass or polycarbonate tub insert that you can just put over the tub you already have. The existing tub gives the tub insert its rigidity. You can also get handheld shower nozzles to go along with the bathtubs so that you can either take a shower and take a bath, depending on your personal choice. If there is more than one person in the house and only one bathroom or only one bathroom with space for a tub or shower, you can add a free standing shower along with the bathtub. That way the other person doesn’t have to use the walk in bathtub if they don’t want to.

One way that elderly people or people with disabilities can bathe safely is to use bathtubs for elderly. Since the tubs are easy to get into, with their water tight doors and seating, there is no risk of falling in the bathroom. These tubs allow people to stay independent and in their own homes.

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Bathtubs for the Elderly Make Bathing Safe and Comfortable