How to Carpet and Re-Carpet Your Home or Office

At some point we’ve all considering either carpeting or re-carpeting our home, office, or any other room. And as we’ve also all discovered, it’s not the cheapest remodeling or decorating endeavor to take on. Regardless, there are a few ideas or things to consider when carpeting that can make the experience not only a little less expensive, but also easier.

First lets look at something everyone will be interested in, saving money. Surely most people have heard of carpet remnants. Basically, remnants are pieces of carpet either left over from a large carpeting job or from the carpet mill itself. In the case of the mill, they actually cut off anywhere from 15 to 30 feet of the end of a carpet roll when they originally manufacture it. This is where carpet retailers get those bundled and rolled carpets at such cheap prices. Well, those are available to you too, you just have to know where to look. In most all cases, remnants are just as good as the original carpet, they’re just extra and often come in pieces large enough to carpet an entire basement, hallway, or small office.

Now a little about types of carpets that you may not be aware of. First off, you’ve probably heard of carpet tile squares or interlocking carpet tiles. These are different than rolled carpet in many ways, the most obvious is that they come in pre-cut squares or tiles that lock together. They also come (many but not all) with adhesive backing for easy adhering to floors. Most carpet squares are thought of being using exclusively in offices or high traffic areas, but there are now many colorful and more stylish options. The reason why this is significant, is for the reasons of replacing this carpet as it becomes worn or stained.

With traditional rolled carpeting, you have to rip up and replace the entire section of carpet, not so with carpet squares. You simply pull up the section that is worn or stained and replace only that section. Obviously it helps to purchase some extra squares when originally installing the carpet. Granted there may be some fading in the surrounding areas, but if the entire area is high traffic and you pick the right colors, this may or may not be a problem. Some people actually like the block look and alternating colors you can get with using carpet tiles or squares. They also come in many different sizes so you can play around with the square size you like.

If you plan on re-carpeting or carpeting a section in your home or office, you may benefit from doing a little research and learning more at carpet squares depot. Looking at commercial carpet squares for high traffic areas, even in your home, may help you with replacing those sections later; both saving time and money.

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