Bi Fold Shower Door

Bi fold shower door opens in a minimal amount of space to offer a wide access to the space behind the door. The bi fold shower door can replace the shower curtain. It provides much more room with a tub than bypass doors and does not require the room of a swinging door.

As opposed to curtains, these offer a clean and neat look for the bathroom. They are easy to keep clean by using a squeegee to wipe them down after each use. In addition, choosing doors that are frosted give the person in the shower needed privacy.

Adding a door to a shower is an effective way to prevent splashes out of the shower onto the floor. Water that splashes onto the floor can cause slip hazards for persons exiting the shower. In addition, if not dried quickly, the spill can cause damage to the floor covering as well as structural damage to the floor.

If the bi fold shower door does not fit your bathroom plans, you may want to choose a different style door. Bypass doors require no clearance at all as they open on a sliding track. Use of these will cut the entry space by one-half, however.

A swinging door gives full width access into the shower, but they require the greatest amount of clearance. In some smaller bathrooms, there may not be room for use of a swinging door.

In many situations, the bi fold shower door is the best choice. It allows full access into the shower without the need for a wide clearance.

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Bi Fold Shower Door