Types Of Bosch Fridges

Bosch Mini Fridge

Bosch Mini Fridge

For many customers, the purchase of a new refrigerator includes a look at the Bosch fridge line up. Bosch manufactures a wide range of refrigeration appliances, and is widely regarded to produce a quality product for a reasonable price. In this article I will briefly outline some of the different types of Bosch refrigerators that are produced.

The first types of Bosch refrigerator worth mentioning are their integrated fridge freezer models. These e built-in refrigerators are installed into a kitchen in a manner that they almost disappear into the background. They feature pre-assembled panels that allow the homeowner to design their fridge so that it matches the decor of their existing kitchen cabinetry. Generously sized these units will provide ample storage space for most households.

Second in the Bosch fridge freezer line are their side-by-side models. There American style fridge freezers feature a refrigerator and freezer which sit next to each other in the same box. A longtime favorite in many homes, these units include standard in-door filtered water and ice dispensers. This style is probably the most popular fridge type in the market, and Bosch has a wide selection of appliances of this type.

A final high-end choice in the lineup of Bosch fridge freezers are their French door style refrigerators. These interesting units feature two doors on each side – for a total of four. They are a very decorative choice for the style conscious homeowner. Compared to the traditional side-by-side they have comparable capacity, but usually cost a little more.

Many of the Bosch fridge freezers discussed above come in a variety of finishes. A little shopping will identify choices in white, black and even stainless steel finishes. Bosch takes pride in producing Energy Star certified products. This is great for consumers, as over time the operating costs of an inefficient refrigerator can outweigh its initial purchase cost.

For the homeowner seeking a quality refrigeration unit, the choice of a Bosch fridge freezer is a good one. By purchasing a refrigerator with a good reputation you increase your chances of trouble free storage of your perishables for years to come.

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