Characteristics Of Different Sofa Styles

Different Sofa StylesThe best sofa style for your home isn’t necessarily the best sofa style for everyone else’s home. Before you buy a sofa, you might want to do a little research and figure out the needs of your household and choose a sofa that matches the decor in your room while also fulfilling the needs of everyone using it. There are different characteristics for each sofa style but here are some basic sofa styles to choose from.

Sectional – These are great when used in large spaces. They’re great for filling up space and creating a seating area (especially in front of a TV). They’re great for casual settings but might not be for formal settings.

Lawson – This style is probably one of the most popular styles. It has a high back, low arms, and is very comfortable to sleep on. One of the best sofa styles for families.

Chippendale – Also known as a camelback, this one is very prim and proper and full of old-world sophistication. While it dates back to the 18th century, its simple lines can sometimes work in modern settings.

Tuxedo – Clean and straight lines define the look of this style. It works well in a classic or modern setting; however, it is not meant for lounging as the arms and back is the same height. The seat is made up of one long cushion, while the back usually has one to three cushions.

Slipper – You might say this style is a no-frills style. It has no arms, so no lounging with this sofa. Perfect for entertaining, it forces the people sitting to sit up and pay attention. They work remarkably well in small spaces, but can work equally well in modern or classic settings depending on the fabric and details.

Bridgewater – This style is also known as a birch-arm, or English three-seater. It is defined by casual elegance. Comfort is a main characteristic as it has deep cushions and low, set back arms. It is excellent for laying back and watching TV, or relaxing with friends and a cocktail.

Chesterfield – Super elegant and posh, this is the style you usually see in reinterpretations of 19th-century drawing rooms. There are no removable cushions on this style and the tailoring is very tight. Button tufting ups the elegance factor. This one is also low on the slouch scale as its back and rolled arms are high.

Knoll – This style isn’t very popular any more but they still pop up every now and then. They’re a very classic style that features adjustable side arms, often tied to the back with a decorative braided fabric. Wooden finials often appear in the top corners. You’ll likely only find them in antique stores.

Settee – For antique lovers, the classic French settee is a no-brainer. They have exposed wooden frames that are often carved, and upholstered seats and backs. They’re usually quite small and can often fit two people comfortably. They are very elegant and regal.

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