Does High Frequency Sound Repel Pests?

There is a claim in infomercials that say a product producing high frequency sound can repel mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests inside your house but remains safe for humans and pets. Is this claim true or false? Find out in this piece of information if this form of mosquito control is effective.

Inaudible to people, a mosquito control producing high frequency sounds claims to repel mosquitoes. But the reality is that the US Federal Commission has proven that this claim is false. According to the commission, it has already accused firms of making unsubstantial claims about these ultrasonic gadgets.

The conclusion is that these so-called ultrasonic repellents are not really effective. So if these devices are not really effective, what can be the solution against these mosquitoes?

The best fix according to studies is by applying DEET-based repellents. It is the most effective method to ward off mosquitoes. However, there are problems with these DEET-based repellents for people having sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, try the kid’s version. As side information, researchers found that dragonflies are not repelled by these lotions. These insects are smart enough to beat their wings without being discouraged by the repellents in one study.

In summary, the claim of infomercials with their ultrasonic devices is false. Never believe these marketing gimmicks with this form of mosquito control. These overpriced sound-producing gadgets are not really repelling the mosquitoes and other pests.

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