Small Compact but Stylish 45 Square-Meter Apartment in Sao Paulo

compact modern apartmentLocated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the small flat was reinvented by MaurĂ­cio Karam by getting rid of some of its existing ineffective walls and creating an uninterrupted living zone, yet keeping a high level of privacy in the bathroom and laundry room. The wood laminated flooring system contributes to the impression of flowing spaces. If you thought open plan living rooms were an option only for large apartments, prepare to be taken aback when checking out these photos.

The heart of this apartment is a charming interior, combining a modern lounge area with a great looking kitchen and stylish dining table for eight. Separated by subtle decorating details, the two living zones pleasantly merge together.

compact modern apartment

compact modern apartment

compact modern apartment

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  • kasia

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like it? The bedroom with the storage space above the bed looks old-fashion and cramped. The computer nook may look nice, but in practice no one would ever be able to sit for more than 15 minutes on that stool, and don’t even get me started on the curtains. Dark heavy curtains in this kind of space? I don’t think so.

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