How To Decide On An Electric Fire

electric fire imageSo you’ve decided to lighten up your own and add a beautiful focal point to your bedroom, living room or even kitchen diner. Congratulations, I’m sure whatever you pick is going to look beautiful but what exactly will you pick for your home?

As with anything there’s a huge amount of choice on the market and this is nothing if not a blessing, from free standing fires to wall mounted ones there’s an entire world of choice out there willing to be exploited. Personally, I enjoy the traditional look of a inset wall fire but equally in modern settings a floating fire place or even a wall mounted one can look stunning in the right setting.

Choosing your electric fire is the hard part, but making sure you purchase from a reliable supplier who will support your purchase for years afterwards is important as you don’t want to be shelling out for a product you’ve already purchased and spending the cost again in repairs. Do your research and find a stockist that you can trust in (protip: if they’re selling them from the back of a van don’t expect much customer service down the line)

Another thing to consider is fitting, if you’re an experienced DIY expert then you should be fine but finding a reliable builder is an important stage in that crucial fit an finish area. Always check credentials and follow up on his previous jobs to see if there has been any other problems.

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Deciding On An Electric Fire