Equipping Your Kitchen With Basic Cooking Utensils

Basic Cooking UtensilsWithout a doubt, any job can be easier when you have the right tools. Just like cooking, equipping your kitchen with the basic utensils can mark a difference between creating good meals and great meals.

Many cooks believe that a stove and refrigerator are the primary important big appliances that can equip their kitchens. Although these appliances play a large role in the kitchen, a good selection of small cooking utensils such as cutting knives, juicers, graters, strainers and more, is still a very sensible addition to the bigger items. Having them on hand will make it easier to prepare many recipes. With the many things to do in the kitchen, there are also many different cooking utensils that come into play for each different task.

Washing and drying fresh products are simply accomplished with a strainer and salad spinner.

Cooking Utensils Picture

Cooking Utensils

Slicing, chopping and dicing all kinds of food such as vegetables and garnishes can be easy and convenient with a food processor. Vegetable peelers, mandolins, knives and graters are very useful and helpful cooking utensils to have on hand.

Measuring is another basic routine in the kitchen that requires measuring dishes, cups (both wet and dry measures), and measuring spoons. This is very important to baking.

Weighing is also required in the kitchen for the correct portioning of meats and other ingredients necessary for recipes that have cooking times affected by weight. A small weighing scale is reasonable.

Temperature is important which can affect the things going on in your kitchen. An oven or meat thermometer is key to having accurately cooked meat that is safe to eat, and should be included in your pantry of cooking utensils.

Mixing is very basic in cooking. No kitchen would be complete without a cadre of mixing bowls. So, a selection of bowls in assorted sizes is essential to fast and well-organized cooking.

Manipulating, poking, prodding, lifting and stirring, are what implements like spoons, forks, spatulas, and tongs are most useful of.

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Cooking Utensils

Although very small, don’t forget the can opener. It is the most basic way to open most canned foods. Remember that a multi-purpose manual can opener is one of the most essential kitchen tools.

If you think about every stage of preparing food from storage, cleaning to cooking and presenting, you will get a better idea of the necessary cooking utensils you should consider buying. Take into account that cooking utensils vary in prices, quality and materials such as wood, metal, rubber and silicone. Irrespective of how much you spend for them, make sure the cooking utensils have multiple pieces fit together securely. There are a lot more useful cooking utensils you may want to consider buying like cutting boards, flour sifter, kitchen shears, ladles, pepper mill, ramekins, rolling pin, salt shaker, rotary beater and many more.

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Equipping Your Kitchen With Basic Cooking Utensils