How To Choose Replacement Dresser Drawer Handles

Dresser drawer handles and knobs are some of the simplest items you can buy from the hardware store. They are almost as simple as buying nails, screws, or bolts in that the parts usually have no moving parts. They simply are bolts that screw into a drawer pull knob which go straight through the drawer of your dresser or cabinet.

The problem however with these simple pieces of functional hardware is that most people buying these types of items need them for a couple different main reasons. The first is that one’s dresser has a broker drawer pull and needs a replacement part to make it functional again. In this case the broken drawer knob is usually only one knob of many that breaks and replacing it means that you need to find an exact match to keep your dresser or other piece of furniture from looking bad.

When you need to find an exact match for your dresser drawer pull you are more than likely going to find problems when shopping in traditional stores because most stores won’t carry enough variety in these types of hardware for you to have an exact match.

If you have a name brand piece of furniture from one of the higher end furniture makers you may have some luck finding exact matches to your missing or broken drawer handles by contacting the manufacturer directly however for older pieces of furniture this often won’t be possible.

The best way to find attractive and quality replacement dresser drawer handles is to do some shopping online at any one of the many different decorative hardware retailers. These online specialty retailers focus squarely on offering many different functional and attractive types of drawer pulls and knobs for you to buy that can either be matched to what you currently have or purchased in bulk as a total redesign of your cabinetry or furniture. For most people the prices online are much better anyway and as a result complete redesign is far more financially feasible and attractive.

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