How To Prevent Fruit Flies Invasion

How To Prevent Fruit FliesHave you ever wondered when you had fruit flies how to get rid of them for good? There are some easily constructed traps and you can build them yourself with materials that you have at home. But the most important thing when getting rid of fruit flies is eliminating the reason they are in your house in the first place.

Fruit flies live for about 10 days and can reproduce really fast. A female fruit fly can lay 500 eggs which take only 30 hours to hatch. If you don’t eliminate their sources of food and breeding grounds, they can explode in numbers and overrun your kitchen pretty fast.

They are attracted by fermenting fruit or vegetables, open wine bottles or cans of beer and soft drinks, open trash cans and wet dish rags. A bit of spilled fruit juice might be enough to cause a fruit fly invasion. So check your home for any messes you might have missed and clean out the fridge and pantry to make sure there is no food source left for the fruit flies. After disposing of their feeding and breeding sources and making sure they can’t reproduce, you are ready to address the problem of fruit flies. How to get rid of them? There’s an easy trap you can build.

Making a funnel trap is really simple. You put a bit of apple cider vinegar in a bottle or tall glass and mix it with dish soap. If the liquid soap smells like citrus, all the better. You need the detergent to break the surface tension of the vinegar.

Mix it in the bottle and roll up some paper to create a funnel. Place it in the glass or bottle, but make sure that it doesn’t touch the liquid or it will soak up your trap and become ineffective. Secure the funnel tightly to the bottle neck or glass with some tape. Make sure the fruit flies won’t be able to get out that way. Now your fruit fly trap is finished and ready to be placed. You can leave it out overnight but throw the batch away every day so you’re not providing them with a new breeding ground.

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