Troubleshooting of Gas Furnace

Troubleshooting a gas furnace can seem like an overwhelming task…if you do not know how. There are many things even the in-experienced person can check to find common problems with their furnace. Knowing what tools to use and where items are located on the furnace are easy to learn with the right resources.

A few of the main things to check:

*Does it have power?
*Are the fuses good?
*Make sure the thermostat is set correctly.
*Gas valve is on?
*These are very easy to check with simple tools, and a little knowledge.

Many times the problem can simply be a dirty filter. One of the main items people tend to neglect, and probably one the most important to maintain. Dirty filters can cause several problems starting with low airflow. This makes the furnace run very in-efficiently.

Sometimes a homeowner has installed a new digital thermostat they picked up from the local hardware store. This is very common these days, with all the talk about saving energy and going “green”. Problem is these thermostats can, many times, be for universal applications and very confusing to wire correctly. Often the new thermostat is what is causing all the problems with the furnace operation.

You can find many places on-line that offer tons of information on how to check you furnace, but not many offer a step by step procedure for checking them. And most of them do not offer pictures of what they are describing, or link you from one page to another, and not really following much of system. It becomes confusing and frustrating.

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