Getting Rid of Termites

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Most home owners should have some measures to keep the non-human intruders at bay. The damage that vermin and pests can do is unthinkable.

There are some damages, which once take place you will have a tall order correcting. Take for examples the infestation of termites to your house structure. Mice can also spread lethal diseases.

Outwardly, termites seem to be some peaceful creatures. They are well capable of weakening you house’s structure by eating up the joists, frameworks and all the wooden supports of your house.

Termites vs Ant


Termites are quiet and light colored insects that can burrow underneath your home to live there, oblivious to us. To be able to identify whether there are termites in your home, look out for the areas around it, where they dig the ground and leave small burrows.

Whenever you have stocks of wood piled in your compound or if you have a moist laden foundation coupled by overgrowth in the compound, you are in for a date with termites. However, mice are not the ones to be taken lightly. They will quickly adapt and feel comfortable in your house.

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Rodents will always identify a cozy spot in your home, nest there and start breeding. Normally, garbage piles and food stocks is what is music to the ears of rodents. Once the rodents are sure of what they will get, they just need holes to enter your home and cause havoc. Ants are the other ones to be feared.

Ants are capable of causing great damage once they are in your home, more so when they have found warm and comfortable landing. It is even more difficult to deal with them when there is spilt food.

Do not hesitate to phone the pest control experts to come in and do some extermination if you suspect that any of the three pests could be having a field day in your home.

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