Glass Tiles For Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

glass tiles for renovations

If you’re thinking of updating your tile, then take a look at glass tiles. Glass is gaining in popularity for home kitchen and bathroom renovations. Whether you’re looking to add a simple backsplash or to retile the entire floor, glass may be the perfect choice.

Glass tiles are totally non-absorptive so they do not suck up water or stains and, something I think is very important, they don’t mold or grow mildew, which is great for the health of the homeowners. They also prevent some bacteria growth in the kitchen.

Aesthetically glass provides a ton of benefits. It’s very attractive and can be made to match almost any environment and taste. The color options are absolutely limitless and the creative ways to combine colors and pictures and images is really stunning. You can do anything from a solid color to a brilliant mosaic made of multicolored pieces of glass or a more subtle etched glass masterpiece. And glass tiles reflect light, creating a bright and radiant atmosphere, whereas ceramic tiles tend to absorb light.

And the eco-conscious will really love the glass tile options because they can incorporate recycled glass into their home decorating without losing any of the luster or appeal that comes with brand new glass. In fact some companies specialize in which glass they use. Aviation enthusiasts can get their tiles made entirely from recycled airplane glass.

The increasing popularity of glass tiles has created a wonderful side effect for consumers as the amount of competition is driving the costs down, which is making this an exceptionally affordable alternative.

Another feature, which I love, is the safety aspect of glass tiles. If you’re a wee bit klutzy (as I am) or you’re worried about people who are a little unsteady on their feet, glass tiles can be made with an anti-slip finish which doesn’t diminish the beauty of the tile but greatly improves its safety ratings.

Some of the downfalls of glass tiles are that they can scratch and break. Getting a cloudy or rough textured tile will help hide any imperfections but it’s still possible to cause deep scratches and breaks. It’s also a bit more difficult to install. Most of the information I’ve found suggests you hire a professional to install glass tiles and that some special tools are required, such as a water saw made specifically for glass.

But overall glass tiles are fabulous and it’s obvious why they’re growing in popularity, especially when used in bathrooms and kitchens to brighten and open up a space and make use of as much light as possible.