How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car

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One problem that you might have at one point or another is that you notice that you have ant problems in your car. This isn’t too common but it is something that can happen. Most don’t like the idea of having ants in their car crawling around while they are trying to drive. Find out what changes you can make so that there will be less ant problems in your car.

You need to start off by cleaning up your car. Many times there is sticky residue left over in soda cups or other food particles in the car that the ants are attracted to. Throw out all the trash and be sure to vacuum your car as best as you can. This will help the ants not be attracted to your vehicle as a food source.

Use some ant traps in your car. Put these under your seats or wherever you see the ant problems. This should kill off most of the ants that are currently in your car.

Look for signs of ants near where you are parking your car. You might have ant hills in the yard that you need to deal with so that they won’t be getting into your car as often. To get rid of ant hills you have two main options. The first is to simply flood the ant hill. Take a hose and run it getting the ant hill wet. This can make ants move. Secondly, you can use a boric acid bait. This will help kill the ants.

Try to sprinkle some repellents around your tires. The only ways ants get into the car is by crawling up your tires. If they are repelled, they can’t get inside the car. You can use commercial products for this but also black pepper or a chalk line around each tire.

Get a product called diatomaceous earth. Get the food grade version of this. Sprinkle this around your tires as well on the ant hills.

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car