How To Use Dutch Leach Trays

Dutch Leach TrayAn inexpensive and simple way to set up a hydroponic drip system is to use Dutch leach trays, which are also called rockwool grow trays. Dutch leach trays are especially useful if you have rooted cuttings in small rockwool cubes and are ready to transfer them to slabs, which are the perfect size for the trays. Furthermore, the trays can accommodate individual Hugo blocks, net pots, or any loose growing medium. A nice feature of Dutch leach trays is that they come with holes already drilled in them. Each hole has an elbow insert that can be turned up for flood or down for drainage.

You can simply place the trays over your reservoir and feed your plants using drippers. Turn one of the elbows up and the other down. As one side of the tray fills up with nutrient solution, it will spill over the channel running down the middle and drain back into your reservoir through the elbow on the opposite side. The channeled base of the trays provide great drainage and air return. However, it is important to consider plant height when using Dutch leach trays. They work great for short and bushy plants like strawberries. You can use them to grow taller plants, but you may need to use a trellis so they don’t fall over. The bottom line is that Dutch leach trays are a cheap and easy way to set up a drip system. They don’t take up much room, you don’t have to do any drilling, and plants thrive in them.

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How to Use Dutch Leach Trays