Hydroton Clay Pebbles Are Great For Hydroponics

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Hydroton, also called clay pebbles, expanded clay, hydroclay, or hydrocorn is the perfect growing medium for hydroponics. These clay pellets are cooked in a kiln at high temperatures until they expand. This process creates little catacombs and crevices inside each pellet that end up holding air and nutrient solution.

Hydroton clay pebbles can be re used over and over again, making this a very affordable option as well as effective. When you are done using the expanded clay pebbles, just dump them into a container and soak in a sterilizing solution of ten milliliters hydrogen peroxide per four liters of water. There are also some natural miticides available as well that can be used in place of hydrogen peroxide. Soak the hydroton in the sterilizing solution for 20-30 minutes. Remove the hydroton and place on a screen of hardware cloth. Wash and separate the clay pebbles from dead roots and dust, then reuse.

This can end up saving a hydroponic grower hundreds of dollars compared to other growing mediums such as soil and rockwool. These other growing mediums can only be used once and then must be tossed out. Those costs for each harvest add up, and compounded over time can make a big dent in your wallet.

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Another advantage of using hydroton is the high level of oxygen that the medium is able to hold onto for the roots. An increased level of oxygen allows plants to intake more nutrient solution than if they had lower levels of oxygen. This allows the plant to grow bigger and faster. What an easy way to increase yields!

With hydroton offering so many benefits to indoor growers, its no wonder that it is one of the most popular growing mediums available. Hydroton is reusable and offers the grower a medium with high oxygen content to help the grower achieve greater success.

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