How To Install A Corner Bath Tub

When decorating and remodeling your bathroom, one item that is central to the job is the corner bath tub. There are many choices and styles available these days and care should be taken in making the choice. Consider both functionality, safety, and style when making the choice. Also, it is important to consider the size of the room and other accouterments that will be installed. If you are planning a total remodel, you will want to choose the tub style to match the other equipment.

You will need to choose the style of corner bath tub you are looking for. Check your local bath store for options and ideas. There are tubs available for one or more than one person. Some options include the shape as well as deciding on whirlpool style jets. Tubs come in various colors, so you should be able to easily match the rest of the room theme.

Once you have selected the style and color it is time to take measurements. Remember to leave room for the plumbing and a shelf. Most corner bath tubs require a shelf that they will sit in, much like installing a sink. If this is a do it yourself project, you may want to have the plumbing installed by a professional to be sure everything is up to code and fits well. When the plumbing is in place and the shelf is build, generally the tub can be hooked up and installed fairly easily. Seal the edges to be sure any splash does not seep under the lip of the tub and cause damage to the wooden frame inside the shelf.

The joy of remodeling your own bathroom is that you can choose the options that suit you best. Having a corner bath tub installed is a pleasure that most generic homes don’t enjoy. Taking up about the same space as a regular tub, you are able to give the style to the room that you choose. With the right care and attention to detail, you can turn your makeover ideas into reality. While these tubs are great for saving space, they are also great for creating a relaxing environment.

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