How To Get Rid Of Mice The Natural Way

Mice are a very common household problem that many do not want to have to deal with. You can use chemicals that will kill the mice but some like to use more natural methods instead. Find out what you can do that will help you get rid of mice in your home with natural methods.

The first is a preventative step. You need clean up better around your home. There are small particles of food that might be on your floors or counters that mice are feeding on. If you don’t remove these, mice will stay in your home as they have easy access to food.

Take out your trash each night. Don’t leave this inside your home. Mice and other pests can get into your trash. This is another step used to remove their food sources so that they have little to eat.

Watch your pet’s food as well. Many have large 25 pound bags of pet food wide open in the garage. Rodents will get into this food and feed on it. Be fair to your pet and help prevent mice problems by putting the pet food into sealed plastic containers that mice can’t get into.

Use natural methods to repel mice from your home. One of these are predatory urine. When mice smell this, they get afraid since they think that a larger animal is around that will eat them. Look for predatory urine that you can spray around where you are having mice problems.

Use mice traps. These are very effective in reducing the number of mice in your home. The best type of traps to use are the electronic models. These can be used over and over and are considered to be the most humane traps. You can use peanut butter which is safe and natural to lure them into the trap.

You can also get a cat. A cat will take care of many of your mice and rodent problems for you.

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