How To Make Plastic Storage Container Compost Bin

plastic compost binA plastic storage container compost bin is a good option for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space for a large pile or just doesn’t want a large pile. As a bonus they’re also inexpensive, small and can be placed various places.

How To Make Plastic Storage Container Compost Bin

1. Get the bin. Get a bin that’s at least 18 gallons, any smaller and it just won’t work well. Besides that one small factor with size there really isn’t any other necessities as far as the bin goes.

You can get an old used one from a garage sale, you can buy one, you can get one from a friend or family member, it’s not that important.

2. Drill some holes in the sides. Compost needs plenty of air, otherwise it gets smelly and turns into a slimy mess, it’ll eventually break down even when it’s a smelly slimy mess, but I recommend just giving it some air circulation.

The size of the holes isn’t that important, the smaller the holes the more holes your going to need and the bigger holes reach a point where they need to be covered with hardware cloth to keep the compost in and mice out. Aim for enough holes that you would put a treasured pet into the bin, if you weren’t using it for compost.

3. Choose a spot. This depends on circumstances, it can be put just outside the kitchen for convenience or just about anywhere it will be easy to access and out of the way.

4. Add compostable materials. Most anything that you would throw into a compost pile will work in the bin, you’ll just need to chop things up smaller so they will break down faster.

5. Aerate the bin. At least once a day, go give the bin a good shake, that will move things around to keep plenty of air circulating.

Using a plastic storage container compost bin is one of many ways to get good compost for your garden or even house plants.

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