When To Choose Prefabricated Showers And Tile Stalls

A shower is a shower, right? Wrong. There are actually various types of shower to consider if you intend on replacing your old shower or installing a new one. There are two main types on the market today: a prefab unit which is essentially “plug and play”, you just have to put it in place; and a tile stall that you have to build yourself.

Of course it goes without saying that the prefab unit is a lot less work, if you have some basic skills and are reasonably handy you should have no problem putting it in yourself. On the other hand, tile stall are more tricky and you do need quite a bit of expertise to do things right, that’s why you may need to get it installed and set up by professionals.

Prefabricated showers have suffered from somewhat of a bad image because they were sometimes on the flimsy side and not very design, with limited styles and color choices. Thankfully that has changed recently and their quality and styles are up there with the tile stall shower types.

The main elements of a modern prefab shower are acrylic, fiberglass or tempered glass. Fiberglass and acrylic stalls can be easily repaired if they show some scratches, which is always a good thing.

Price wise, prefabricated stalls are usually cheaper than tile stalls. Money being a big consideration in any purchase, if you find a good looking, sturdy prefab shower, there would be little reason to consider a tile stall at all.

The big advantage of tile showers is that they can be custom made to your specifications, especially when it comes to design, so if you want a unique shower chances are you won’t find what you are looking for with the prefab stalls.

If you decide to go with a prefab shower one thing to check before you buy is if you have enough room to maneuver the entire shower to the bathroom. You may be limited by door frames and such so take measurements beforehand to avoid any surprises.

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