Preventing Termites With Borax Compounds

Prevent Termite With BoraxBorax is one the most common remedy used to kill termites. However, it is most efficient when applied before building the house. It may be useless if you already have termites in your house. It’s quite helpful in the areas where you can’t give a coat to any of the exposed part of the wood. Those include the wooden parts of the basement. However, if there is a previously established termite and bug colony, then it would be better to call a termite extermination team to do the job for you.

Borax is made of boron. The other effective compound of boron which helps in these exterminations is Sodium Borate, which has a very close relation with the boric acid. It is the most common home remedy. Its use was started in the 90’s for the termite treatment. Much other anti termite stuff is also made using Sodium Borate. These are usually the chemicals to be mixed with water and to be applied on the wooden surfaces on the time of construction of your house.

The main logic it works upon is that the termites are not able to digest the wood having the boron compound in it. When they eat the wood, the protozoa in their digestive system breaks down the nutrients. However, the borate kills the protozoa in the internal system and hence the food is not absorbed properly and this ultimately starves the termites and the bugs to death.

Now days the companies are following the western trap system. They use the borate foam or even borax dust, or sometimes inject these materials in the wood while the construction of the house to prevent the termites on the first hand.

Once more, there is nothing much you can do if your home is already affected. So, taking the preventative steps is the best thing. But for the people living in the old houses should go for a bait treatment, and apply the borax once they have eliminated the termites completely.