Sand And Refinishing For Hardwood Floors

Sand refinish can be defined as a process which is used to maintain long life of hardwood floors. Modern methods of sand refinishing are quite different and useful than traditional methods of sanding.
There are several useful features of refinishing in commercial and residential sectors like:

Dust-Free Floor
Floors remain dust free with sand refinish. It prevents a particular place from getting messy. One do not needs to worry about finding dust into corners and nooks of home or offices.

Safety & Convenience
Sand refinish floors can be easily recommended for individuals facing any kind of respiratory problems. There are several types of finishes available which are environmental-friendly and using them is not hazardous for health.

As far as convenience is concerned, sand refinish methods are simple for most of floor installing service providers. This is due to advanced refinishing materials as well as skilled professionals.

Sand Finishes
Usually three types of finishes are available with modern floor installing companies. Such types include water-based finish, environmental-friendly finish and oil-based finish. All such are available with their different characteristic features, usefulness and benefits.

Water-based finish appears with useful features like:
• Takes less time in drying
• Offers milky haze look to hardwood floors
• More coats can be applied for better results

Features of oil-based finishes are:
• Single-coat is enough to give bright look to floors
• Takes more time in drying than water-based finish
Protects floor from any wear or tear

Characteristics of environmental-friendly finish:
• They are not harmful for the environment
• It comes with different options like shellac and Tung-oil finishes

Hence, these features of it have been helping individuals in keeping floors dust-free and healthy as well.

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