Save Water And Reduce Sewage With An Eco Toilet

The bathroom is the room that most of the water used by a household is consumed. There are many water saving devices on the market today. Eco toilets in particular are being designed using quite a variety of ground-breaking water saving ideas. One of the most popular of these is the dual flush toilet.

These eco toilets have been around for years, but have become more popular in the United States since the introduction of the federal law mandating low water toilets in the 1990s. The dual flush toilet allows the user two choices: a half flush of 1.6 gallons for liquids only, and a full flush of 3.5 gallons for removing solid waste.

Among other go green products for use in the bathroom, there are quite a few that reduce the amount of sewage created. Other types of eco toilets are obtainable that produce little or no effluent – composting toilets and incinerating toilets, for example.

And grey water systems are on the market that use the effluent from the sink and/or shower, rather than merely dumping it in with other sewage. One example of grey water recycling is to use the water from the bathroom sink to fill up the toilet tank at any time possible.