Simple Bonsai Tips And Instructions

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Bonsai is becoming more and more popular as an art form, a hobby, and as a novel gift to give as a house warming present, as a wedding gift or for just about any special occasion.

Whether you are giving or receiving this gift, keeping it alive and healthy can be done by following these simple bonsai instructions.

Every variety of bonsai differs slightly in its needs for optimum health and well being, but in most cases keeping them alive and well is the same or similar for all of them.


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Most people want to be able to look at their bonsai or display it in their home like most other art forms. Keeping them inside for too long is detrimental to their health and can lead to dieback of branches and even death of the tree completely.

Inside conditions are usually artificial and not the natural conditions that all trees need to be healthy. Light, air, temperature and moisture need to be right for bonsai to develop and grow.

If you must display your tree inside, don’t leave it inside for more than a week and return it outside for at least 3 weeks before bringing it in again.

Make sure that where you are displaying it has sufficient natural light and is away from air-conditioners, heaters and un-natural heating or cooling devises.

Do not place your bonsai too close to windows where sunlight may become magnified and burn your tree.

Two things that will kill bonsai are,
1. Too much water.
2. Not enough water.

Bonsai soil needs to be moist but not wet; check below the surface of the soil to make sure it is evenly moist. If it is wet for too long it may promote root rot, if it is too dry it may even repel the water as you try to water it, so it may need to be soaked in a tray of water until the soil begins to hold water again.

Caring for bonsai and learning to train and refine it is something you do over time, but if you follow these simple bonsai instructions you will be able to keep them alive long enough for that to happen.

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Bonsai Tree

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