Turkish Style Bathroom Design

turkish style bathroomMy experiences in Turkey shed some light on why the Turks are so good at packing things into small spaces. From crowded saunas, to cramped barbers, they don’t mind squeezing people in. But what are they like when it comes to product design for small spaces? Well it seems that one Turkish Bathroom Company is setting the standard.

Usually, when traveling to a strange country, I’ll go with friends until I’m confident about going on my own, and I traveled with four other guys including one who weighed upwards of 20 stone. Big Tone was his name and he had joined us last minute because someone else had dropped out.

What Tony was most looking forward to was the Turkish Baths and Saunas, but I wasn’t so keen because I had seen how close the assistants get to their clients.

An example is the tiny roadside barbers. In Turkey, you don’t go for a hair cut. You go for a hair cut, nose pluck, and ear trim. And that’s the way of things in a country where the guys got most of the hair when God gave it out. They sit back in the chairs, and the barber, having lit the end of a stick, singes the hair from the nose of the client before doing the same in the ears.

And in the packed saunas, or so Tony tells me, they lay you on your front and pummel your back as any masseur would, before reaching under you, grabbing your arm and flipping you around like a burger on a hot plate. This came as quite a shock to Tony and I must admit that the image did amuse me.

And so it is, that the Turks are a dab hand when it comes to cleaning and preening in tight spaces which probably explains why ‘Vitra Layton’, Turkey’s leading bathroom manufacturer and one of the world’s largest, have created a bathroom set that squeezes into the smallest space.

The Vitra Layton 4 Piece Corner Bathroom Set is designed to occupy that downstairs space that you want to convert into a loo and it does so with aplomb. The corner toilet and miniature sink allows your cupboard to pass for a WC and adds value to your home.

So if you want a little Turkish intimacy in your 3 bed semi, you might consider Vitra.

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