Safety Measures In The Kitchen Area

safe vs unsafe kitchenThe kitchen area is probably the most hazardous place in the house. The presence of fire, sharp objects, cooking appliances, equipment and liquid substances represents potential danger. But we can turn it into a safe haven by observing some safety measures. It is important to ascertain the different dangers that are present in the kitchen and take some simple precautions to prevent harm from happening.

Different types of accidents can happen in the kitchen but with some safety measures these accidents are preventable. Although there are many things that can be tackled when we think about safety in the kitchen, this article will talk about some important precautions that must be done to ensure safety in the kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen equipment, utensils and appliances plays a big part in the prevention of accidents. Objects with sharp points and edges must be stored separately in a place that is accessible but can’t be reached by children. The breakable things such as glassware should be stored in cabinets or drawers. There’s no need to store the knives in a drawer because they may accidentally cut someone when trying to get them out.

When cooking, avoid wearing loose clothes or clothes made from synthetic material that can easily catch fire. Never leave the kitchen until you are done cooking because there’s a risk that you will forget appliances that you have switched on. You can use an alarm or timer to remind you if you really need to do something else whilst cooking.

The cooking equipment and kitchen appliances should be of good quality. It can sometimes be more costly but you are rest assured that your equipment and appliances are reliable and safe. The stove should be situated in a safe area where there’s proper ventilation and keep inflammable things away from it. Make sure to turn it off when not in use.

Fire alarms and extinguishers must be present at home so you can take immediate action in case of fire. The fire extinguisher must be stored in a visible and accessible place and you must make sure to check it regularly to ensure it is still functioning.

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