Facts And Information On Stink Bugs

Stink Bug ImageStink bugs are also known as shield bugs and are part of the hemiptera family. They are called shield bugs because they look like they are carrying a shield on their back. These bugs are relatively harmless but they tend to produce or excrete a very foul and horrible smell. Shield bugs have very small glands located on their bodies and they use these glands to emit a malodorous liquid as way of protecting themselves. These bugs produce this malodorous liquid when they have been mishandled and when they feel threatened and vulnerable. This odor not only repels predators, but acts like a homing beacon for other bugs.

These bugs can be found all over the world and they are mostly identified or recognized by shield or a triangular shaped plate on their backs.These bugs feed on various types of fruit and plant life.

Most of these bugs have the ability to reproduce very rapidly and this makes them a a dreaded nemesis to farmers and their crops. Stink bags are attracted to both light and heat and these are the two main reasons why they find their way into peoples homes. Stink bug eggs are laid in batches of 20 to 30 barrel shaped eggs on the underside of leaves, around plants and other foliage.

Stink bugs can normally be found in places such as meadows, fields, gardens, shrubs and flower beds. They tend to be active right from spring through to fall. Most stink bugs are destructive and they can cause serious damages to crops such as cabbage, rice, mustard and cotton. They are also known to cause discolouration of fruits and vegetables as well as being a huge pest to homeowners across the world.

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Stink Bug Facts and Information

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