The Benefits Of Tuflex Rubber Flooring

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Rubber Flooring

Tuflex rubber flooring is one of the biggest names in the floor industry. Founded as Rubber Products, Inc. in 1957, it was later developed to become a great manufacturing company for rubber flooring needs.

And with a background like this, it’s really not that surprising that many consider getting their purchases from this brand. Of course, what will beat the longstanding tradition and quality an old name has to offer, right?

Advantages Of Tuflex Rubber Flooring
There are many great things that this brand has to offer. They have a wide variety of products that can definitely match every need. This includes commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and fitness centers. Most items are even perfect for health establishments may they be clinics, spas, or showers. You can also find some that are fit for veterinary needs for purposes like kennel matting, making the horses’ floats less slippery, and many others.

The highly economic Titan line is also highly ideal for homes. Installing these can easily help you better soundproof your basement, helping you turn it into an indoor playground, home gym, band studio, or a work shop. Using these instead of carpets can also be a better move to keep your kids healthy as well. Especially since rubber is a lot easier to clean, you don’t have to worry anymore about dusts and mite droppings infecting the air in your home.

Tuflex also offers personalization of their rubber mats and tiles. So, if you want your business or sports team to have your logo embedded on the floor, this can be a great move as it is both functional and decorative.

Other great advantages of this brand are the facts that it is also available in almost every region around the world and that it is highly eco-friendly being made out of recycled materials. So, may you be in Europe, the US, Asia, or the Pacific, you’ll surely find a dealer near you.

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