The Quartz Vs Granite Countertops Debate

Quartz and granite are both very beautiful materials. It seems that there is a huge debate on which of these two kinds of counter tops are better for the modern kitchen that is more focused on the social part of meals and not just the cooking part. For the past several decades, the way we see cooking and eating has revolutionized. Perhaps, one of the greatest influences of this change is Julia Childs, a famous cookbook writer and TV host. Because of her, cooking has become more enjoyable and fun. It was not a very significant leap to go from just getting finished to actually preparing a meal as part of the social event.

A great number of kitchens are chosen to be designed with the assumption that some future dinner guests will watch and interact while the host is preparing the gourmet fare. The open kitchen design is becoming really popular where there is enough room for the dinner guests to be a part of and even interact with a kitchen scene. This means that counter tops of some kitchens have become not only functional but also a part of the owner’s fashion and style sense for the whole house.

Two of the most well-known counter tops that people choose from are quartz and granite. Both of these counter tops have their own set of pros and cons which are important to consider when you are choosing the top that is appropriate for your kitchen’s situation.

Counter tops made of granite are really beautiful because the minerals present in the stone are usually geometric shapes and the colors appear to be out of this world. They are very solid and water resistant plus they’re really easy to clean and they don’t stain. The main disadvantage of having a granite work top is the possibility that it cracks or fissures. Granite requires stable and sturdy support since the overhangs can break off once they are struck or heavy items are places over them. It is impossible to get a satisfactory outcome if you patch a granite top.

Counter tops made of quartz are not actually solidified quartz like most people think. Actually, the quartz is crushed into several tiny pieces and then these are mixed into a man-made filler material that provides the strength. Quartz tops are much harder than granite and it is two times more durable meaning they can endure more abuse. This top also has a higher tolerance against heat since its base material is designed to address this problem. The repair of a quartz top is much easier since its production is a controlled environment so several pieces can match each other.

Anyway, these two counter tops can give you pleasant and great results and your choice is according to your own personal taste and needs. Today, granite is more popular but this can change overtime.

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