Some Tips On Getting Rid Of Thorn Bushes

Thorn Bushes Picture

Thorn Bushes

Thorn bushes can be especially dangerous to remove because the thorns of some very bushy plants can poke you through the gloves! Always use the utmost precaution when handling thorn bushes. Now follow these simple steps below to get rid of your thorn bushes once and for all!

Act Quickly
Start working to eliminate a thorn bush once you see the smallest sign of it growing in your garden. Starting as soon as possible will make the laborious task slightly easier.

Thorn bushes are extremely difficult to get rid of: cutting, bulldozing, mowing and even burning them has little effect.

Thorny Bushes Picture

Thorn Bushes

Avoid Burning
While cutting and digging may help when done the right way, burning the bushes will only encourage them to re-grow from their underground shoots. Bulldozing the bushes will also be of no help and will only make matters worse. Running over thorn bushes with ton-heavy equipment will definitely not kill them. In fact, it can even spread their roots and stems to more locations.

Thorn bushes grow more rapidly than other plants during spring. When prickly canes of older bushes touch the ground, new bushes can grow, which is the reason thorn bushes are a pest for anyone who likes to keep their garden neat.
Keep digging persistently

Lightly digging through the roots of thorn bushes will only stimulate the suckers which urge the plant to branch more. Only persistent and continuous digging while repeatedly tilling the ground will bring success. Keep digging until you have eliminated all the nasty re-growths.

Cut and Slash
The only way to trim thorn bushes is to completely cut them off – roots, stems and everything else! Carefully reach under the stump of the bush and cut off each small root that meets the stem of the bus. Once the roots have been cut completely, boiling water must be poured over the area. The thorn bushes will rot if this is done repeatedly.
Patience is a virtue

Try cutting, digging and pouring boiling hot water over the bushes before reaching for a pesticide or herbicide. It does take time and patience, but the effort will be rewarded greatly.

A faster way to get rid of thorn bushes is by using herbicides like glyphosate, which is also called Roundup, and triclopyr, known as Brush-Be-Gone, are two of the most popular ones used to kill thorn bushes.

The best time to apply herbicides is when the sun’s heat is up, as plants go through photosynthesis during this time.

Herbicides must not be sprayed during cold months, as leaves start falling and the bushes start shutting down for the cold season ahead, and will not be affected.

Follow the instructions carefully when planning to use herbicides as they are usually poisonous. Applying herbicides at the right time guarantees a higher likelihood of success. It is also very wise to start using herbicides on sprouts that have just popped up and younger bushes.

Thorn bushes are extremely persistent. Therefore the only way to defeat them is to be even more persistent than they are. Once you have started working on eliminating the thorn bushes, keep at it until the bushes are completely gone. Otherwise, you risk losing everything you may have already accomplished. Always keep in mind the main rule: never, ever give up on a thorn bush.
Also, remember to start early on your quest to eliminate thorn bushes. The larger the patch in your garden, the harder it is to eliminate the nasty growth. Think twice if you are too lazy to work on killing the bushes. When it comes to thorn bushes, procrastination is an absolute no-no!