The Three Distinct Types Of Orchids

three distinct types of orchids

Even though there are over 30,000 different species of orchids and over 10,000 different hybrid species, there are actually only three distinct types of orchids. Those three types of orchids are Terrestrial, Epiphyte, and Lithophyte.

The Epiphyte Orchid
The most common species of orchids from this type are the Dendrobiums, Cymbidiums, and Phalaenopsis.

The Dendrobiums are typically found in Asia, Australia, and even India. Being in those countries, they prefer warmer environments. These are relatively easy to grow and with so many hybrids being found, you can grow them in just about any climate.

You can find Cymbidiums in more mountainous regions of Central and Southeastern Asia. These orchids will actually perform better in cooler climates with strong natural light, but heavy periods of shade. Majority of these orchids will stay bloomed for up to three months at a time.

The Phalaenopsis, or “Moth Orchid”, is usually found in India, Southeast Asia, and even Australia. These orchids enjoy warmer climates and require strict variations between day and night temperatures in order to thrive. They do, however, produce very vibrant blossoms and come in every color except for any blues. These are an easy type of orchid for beginners to grow.

The Terrestrial Orchid
The most common types of these orchids are Paphiopediliums and Spiranthes Cernua.

The Paphiopediliums can be found in areas such as India, China, and the Philippines. This type of orchid comes in a variety of colors, sizes and other shapes. These orchids require moderate light, but do not thrive under direct sunlight.

The Spiranthes are usually located in Eastern North America. This is one of the easiest orchids to grow and maintain. They make gorgeous house plants and can thrive in your home garden as well. This plant will typically bloom up to 50 blossoms on one stem and has a scent of sweet vanilla and jasmine.

The Lithophyte Orchid
The most common types of orchids from the Lithophyte family are Sophrontis and Bulbophyllums. Any orchids from this family are extremely difficult to grow and maintain. Therefore they are usually only grown by professionals.

The Sophrontis orchid needs a damp environment in order to thrive. They are found in Brazil and other jungle areas where they can find a damp, cool, and shaded environment. Their petals can range from yellow, pink, lavender, magenta, to even orange and red.

The Bulbophyllum orchid is usually found in Asia, the Himalayas, and even New Guinea. This type of orchid prefers a damp environment just as the sophrontis does. Though difficult to maintain, they blossom large exotic petals that are six to eight centimeters across.

With so many different species of orchids, it is best to stick to the type of orchid that you can maintain where you live. The easiest orchids to grow indoors and as a beginner would be any species from the Epiphyte or Terrestrial family.

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