Some Tips On Installing Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

swiftlock flooringproblemsYou have heard oftentimes that laminated floors are easy to install. This is the main reason why you have done your research about the available products until you have made your choice to buy the Swiftlock laminate flooring. This brand is created by the Armstrong Corporation and can be bought at many stores that offer home improvement items. The design resembles the common wood type of floor, but aside from the easy installation, many people prefer the laminated kind because of the price, which is very affordable.

Here are the things that you need before you can begin placing the Swiftlock laminated flooring on your home. You must be equipped with nails, hammer, tape, spacers, pry bar, circular saw and tape measure. You need a foam under layment and, of course, the pieces to be installed.

First, you will measure the floor area where you intend to place the pieces. This must be done before you buy the exact counts of materials to make sure that you will be able to fill in all necessary spaces. You can buy extra pieces that you can store at your home. You can use these for replacement of repair in case you will need such in the future. Before you begin the installation, the materials need to be at your home already in order for these to become well adjusted to the humidity levels and temperature at your place. The floor must then be prepared and make sure that there are no bumps or unnecessary trash like staples or loose nails. You can fill cracks and holes if needed.

The entire floor surface must then be covered with the foam under layment. The sheets must not overlap and should be laid out in rows. You will tape the seams together before you begin the installation of the Swiftlock laminate flooring. You can cut the boards using circular or hand saw if there are certain spaces and gaps that will require such. You can read the manual on the proper techniques on how to lay the pieces on the floor. Before the completion of the task, you need to remove the spacers and then you are done.

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Useful Tips in Installing the Swiftlock Laminate Flooring