How To Use Peppermint Oil As Mice Repellent

peppermint oil imageMice can be hard to get rid of. One solution is to use peppermint oil. One ounce of peppermint oil to two quarts of warm water is the formulation for sprays. You then spray this on boards, drawers and other items. This is just one application for using this type of mouse repellent. There are plenty more as you are about to discover.

Putting peppermint oil on cotton balls is also another method for dispatching the mice. They have a sensitive nose more than humans do and the smell overpowers them. Putting cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around the house is one good way to get rid of the pests. Be aware, however, that you have to change them constantly, so the spray formulation may be the best idea to get rid of these pests. If they can’t smell food, they will leave. Just use the formulation that has been given above and you will have rodents leaving in droves.

Mice hate this smell. Just as it can overpower a human nose, it does more so for these varmints. This is one pain free way to get rid of the problem without having to resort to dangerous chemicals or traps. This can be considered a humane way of getting rid of the problem without having to kill the rodents outright. It goes without saying that this is also creates less of a mess. So if you are looking for a humane way to get rid of the problem try peppermint oil in water. This should take care of the problem naturally and keep them from coming back into your home.

While the house may smell like peppermint, it will keep the rodents out and away from your home. Many people enjoy the smell of peppermint in the winter time. It is said that the smell of peppermint is one of the oldest medicines. It is used to treat many aliments because of its aroma therapy effects in relieving stress and treating headaches and nausea. It is also good for your skin and hair. It also can relieve pain. This should give you many reasons to keep the oil in your home, it can be beneficial in many areas of your life.

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