Is Slate Flooring A Good Option Your Basement?

Slate Flooring Picture

Slate Flooring

Slate floors are a sturdy kind of non permeable rock type flooring that can be installed in tiles or large slabs. To install these items without the use of a professional contractor will require a homeowner to get the right tools for the job. Setting glue, a diamond tipped wet saw, and a tape measure are all necessary items for getting the job done.

Once the tools are gathered, rip up the floor that is on their already and strip it down to the foundation level. Place the slabs or tiles in the sequence that is chosen for the floor for dramatic effect. One thing people have been doing more and more are when they put slate floors in, they get a variety of colors and mix and match them to make designs on the floor.

Besides style, practicality is also a reason to add this kind of floor to a basement for two reasons. The first of which is it is resistant to water damage. This is important for homes that sit on a high water table because if a season gets to damp and the water level rises, a basement can become flooded. Slate floors have great water resistant qualities because they are not permeable.

Slate Tile Floor

Slate Tile

The other great aspect that plays into the water resistant material is that slate floors also resists mold and mildew buildup. Because the floors do not allow water damage to seep under them, no mold or mildew can build up in this area. Just make sure that they are set firmly with no gaps in the different tiles or against the walls to avoid and mold damage caused by stagnant water.

For a basement located in any home, slate flooring is one of the best decisions that can be made because it is practical as well as stylish. Slate floors can guard against water and mold damage while giving off a rustic feel to the downstairs area. Purchase these items and install them yourself to cut costs and because installing this floor over a concrete foundation is relatively easy.

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