Why Soaps And Pesticides Don’t Kill Moles

Trying to kill moles with repellents is like playing hide and seek. You spray the yard with soap to seek them out, and they go hiding. At one moment you think that moles are gone from your yard, but the next morning you are surprised to see five dirt piles in your backyard. What do you do? Do you play hide and seek again? Or do you do something different?

Mole repellents like pesticide sprays and soaps have a hard time penetrating into the mole tunnels. You might think that spraying the top of the yard will let the water drop down and kill these little moles. What factor you are forgetting is that a large proportion of liquid would be absorbed by the surrounding ground and does not go into the actual tunnel. Since mole tunnels cover only a part of your yard and not all of it, you may have a serious mole problem. Pouring pesticides on your garden is like spraying the whole Earth with water because 70% of Earth is water and so you receive only a 30% success ratio of hitting the actual land, which in your case it`s a mole`s tunnel structure.

Moreover, there is another thing that you did not take into the account which is water filters itself as it passes through the ground. Trying to poison a mole`s main tunnel which can be up to 16 inches into the ground is tougher than poisoning their top feeding runways which are only 4-6 inches underground. Not only that, the next day you would see that grass on your yard has become dirty in white or a reddish colour because it held back some of the liquid which you sprayed earlier. So now you need to water your lawn again to get rid of the pesticides left on the grass. Once you water more, the grass will be cleaned and more water will be observed by the soil again. So, what’s the result? Your lawn does not have any pesticides and no moles are dead.

Using pesticides may only kill insects like beetles and larvae but NOT moles. If you did not know moles are insectivores which mean they only eat insects. Yes, killing insects will reduce their food supply but only by a little. A mole`s primary diet consists of earthworms, so even if you killed all the bad and good pests in your yard moles won`t go anywhere. In fact, if you killed off the insects, moles would need to eat more earthworms to be full because of their fast metabolism they consume half of their body weight per day. A hungrier mole will tunnel more than usual in the search for food since you eliminated their insect back up diet and then they will pay you a visit back.

Using pesticides may be an attractive idea but only until you consider all of the stakes involved. Pets and children running around your freshly squeezed toxic yard will surely not like it, and neither will you. Sure, you can control who steps on you yard and who does not, but what are the chances of things getting out of control and one of your family members getting sick? Anything is possible. So for the safety of your family don`t spray your lawn with pesticides as it will not kill any moles but it sure can harm anyone who comes in contact with it.

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